About KDPT Fitness

Training is equally a mental battle as it is a physical one. Together we will train your body and your mind to achieve the goals you desire.

People who don’t like exercise usually just don’t like to be uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zones, mentally or physically is where positive change happens. My specialty is both educating and helping people to get out of their comfort zone and getting them to a place where they enjoy pushing their body and mind to places unknown to them.

I can't make someone want to get stronger, leaner or fitter, that part is up to the client…..BUT if you want to train with me I will help you reach your goal and educate you on making the changes needed to live a healthier life.


I believe life is a series of many goals, some which take longer than others to accomplish. Being the best version of you takes commitment to yourself.

Knowledge is power.  I understand what my clients need and have the knowledge to get them to their goal. What I teach is a lifestyle change, as this is what guarantees permanent results. I love watching my clients grow and learn through experience. 

You can’t out train your diet and that is why I don’t just train my clients. We all want to look the best we can but we don't all have the knowledge or the motivation to do this on our own. 

KDPT Fitness offers both one on one and small group sessions to achieve your desired goals. Focusing on technique to ensure you get the most out of each session without harm to your body. We are dedicated to providing education as well as motivation and drive. We pride ourselves on our clients getting results.

The personal setting of the studio ensures that no one will feel uncomfortable and allows the sessions to be enjoyable for both new and advanced clients, tailored to your individual needs.

I don't win unless you do! My packages are designed for winners!!!


One On One Sessions private workout session with a trainer;

Small Group Sessions these sessions are great; i find that people push themselves a little harder when working with others. These sessions can have up to 4 people in a session which still gives each client the individual attention they need to get the most out of each session all while giving them a little extra push and motivation by not only the trainer but by the other clients and themselves. All in a fun, high-energy environment where clients are able to feed off each other’s energy along the way.

Couples sessions are a great way to motivate eachother and do something together that makes u both feel great all while spending some time together with a positive vibe.

Online coaching bodyback.kdptfitness.com/

Our packages here at KDPT Fitness are an investment to your future. You are not just investing in your PT session; you will receive everything you need to succeed in a lifelong journey to better health and fitness. You will be given all the tools needed for success both in and out of your sessions at KDPT Fitness as well as the education to continue this journey ongoing for years to come. 

* All sessions run for 60min
* We tailor your sessions to your level of fitness and progress them as you do. This allows your body to go through the necessary stages of conditioning before progressing further.

Each package includes:

- Access to the KDPT Fitness group on meal logger where you can log your food. The KDPT family and I are there supporting you and helping you through your journey. Food guidance is also always at your disposal.
- Bi-Monthly measurements, Skinfold body fat tracking and progress pictures are included in each package to keep you focused on your goals.
- Ongoing personalised home or gym training programs, to ensure each client is able to reach their goals faster by getting in extra training on the days they are not at KDPT fitness.
- Food guidance, education on food and ongoing support to help keep you on track and kicking goals with both your health and fitness. You can't out train a bad diet and that's why any training program that comes without a nutrition component will fail

Discovery session Each and every client will begin at KDPT Fitness with a 2-hour discovery session. This session is a one on one session, which gives the trainer an opportunity to give everyone the perfect start to his or her journey.
This session also works well for those who can't get to KDPT Fitness on a regular basis and just want home programing, tracking, support and guidance.

Contact us for further information on packages and prices emial