I have been training at KDPT Fitness for 2.5 years... best decision i ever made.
As someone who suffers from PTSD getting out is sometimes a stuggle. Training and correcting my diet and making the lifestyle changes i have learnt from Kylie has truly changed my life.
I can proudly say the support, encouragement and motivation Kylie has endlessly given me over the past few years has been the biggest contributing factor to my self confidence. Prior to training with Kylie my knowledge about nutrition and different training techniques was limited. Understanding what your doing and being shown the correct form for each exercise you do is so important to make changes, Kylie teaches this.
i have been fortunate in the fact that training has assisted me in my breathing techniques and has also been a major stress reliever for me! For me finding a training environment that boosts my self esteem and confidence was a major plus.
I have exceeded many of my training goals and can’t wait to smash the rest! What are you waiting for?! Come and join the KDPT family and find the happiest and best version of yourself, just like I have!
by: - Laura Vazquez
Emergency Medicine/Maternal Fetal Medicine Clerk
Kylie is a great personal trainer, not only is she professional, knowledgeable and committed to her work, she is also friendly, kind and goes out of her way to support her clients. Kylie sessions are enjoyable and effective and she ensures you receive the help needed to reach your health and fitness goals. Kylie has also gone above and beyond to help me feel positive and improved my physical and general wellbeing.
by: - Abeer E Barakat
Kylie is the most dedicated and fun personal trainer I have had! I'm seeing results, feeling fitter and stronger in just 2 months! She tracks your goals and makes it her mission to help you achieve them.
I highly recommend KDPT Fitness, you won't be disappointed.
by: -Nyssa Hyde
Business owner and beauty therapist
I really enjoy my sessions with Kylie. She always listens to what you want out of a personal training experience; with me it’s teaching me the correct techniques & form. I also love the level of encouragement, which doesn’t make you feel crap like a lot of personal trainers. Her level of motivation during and outside our sessions is what keeps me motivated and pushing towards my goals week in and week out. I leave every session feeling energised and exhausted at the same time. You can't put a price on your health, this is money well spent and will change your life as it has mine.
by: -Kamilian Evans
General Manager
Kylie is by far the best trainer I've worked with. She's motivating, knowledgeable and never lets you be lazy! She really cares about her clients and is always looking for ways to help them be healthier and fitter. I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to get fit and tone up but especially mums wanting to get some 'me time' back. I have been a client of Kylie's since October 2015 and the results I have seen are amazing. Not only has my body shape changed (for the better!), I have more energy and am empowered with the knowledge of what exercise and food is best for my body type. I recommend Kylie for anyone looking for a motivational and inspiring PT.
by: -Holly Locastro
Founder and Marketing Consultant, The Marketing Project
Kylie has changed my life. I’m stronger then ever before in every way. Who would have thought this was possible at 51. Kylie understands that that everyone has different needs and can accommodate the training accordingly. I love that for the first time ever I have an understanding of what foods to avoid and what exercise to do, to achieve what I want. I want to be the best version of me, I always have and now I can.
by: -Lisa Conway
Keynote speaker, author and educator to the Hair and Beauty Industry
Love being part of the KDPT family! Always a fun and energetic workout with many laughs in between. Kylie tailored my training to allow me to safely ease back into regular training after having my second child. She inspires me to push forward with my health and fitness goals. Her experience and professional advice ensures I have all the necessary tools to make positive changes to my lifestyle and body.
by: -Fiona Tran-Phan
Make-Up Artist | Business owner - Kochou
Kylie is my inspiration as well as my trainer... she looks fantastic and motivates me every day to push harder towards my health and fitness goals! She is always attentive to help you when needed. KDPT's sessions are great, both intense and educating. I love that I'm able to learn new things each time I train with Kylie. I smashed my first weigh in and am looking forward to kicking some more goals in the coming months. Can't wait!
by: -Rebecca Ala
Retail sales assistant | Mother
How do I sum up the "KDPT EXPERIENCE"? A few words come to mind.... Intense, Varied, Motivating & Rewarding!! The emphasis is always on pushing yourself to meet your goal whilst enjoying the workout. KDPT reiterates that the balance of clean eating and training will contribute (and in my experience has contributed) to achieving my goals.
by: -Melissa Colosimo
Office manager | Mother